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Introduction to Mambo Style (Salsa On2) with Adolfo Indacochea Official syllabus.

Infinity Baila Studios offers Adolfo Indacochea World Mastery program so you can learn from the syllabus tailored by the best!

4 weeks course - 90 minutes weekly class where you will learn footwork and partner work.

Join the Salsa on2 movement worldwide and discover a whole new world of fun.

This class is for dancers that have at least a year of salsa training and wants to learn On2.

This will challenge and evolve your understanding of salsa music.


In this 90 minutes weekly class you will learn:

- History

- Music and how to respect the Rhythm

- Weight Shift Fundamentals

- Timing

- Footwork Fundamentals And much more...

Where: Liffey Trust Studios: 117-126 Sheriff Street Upper, North Dock, Dublin, D01 HW96

Time: 8.30 pm to 10.00 pm

Full Course: €45

No Drop in available


About Adolfo Indacochea

The Legend Of Mambo

Elegance, energy and pure passion. Adolfo has shown his talent on great stages all over the world. Today, he's considered a true legend of Mambo and one of the successors of the great Eddie Torres.

When you’re with Adolfo, you can feel how he dances from the heart and perfectly controls the technique, making the elegance his own special feature. After a long career in the world of dance as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and creator of the Latin Soul Dancers project, he now becomes the best master to take you to the next level.