Complete beginners


6 weeks Course- 90 minutes Weekly Class

Starts Monday 4th of March

Special Beginners offer | only €50



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Have fun with us while learning the Basic steps, timing and Partner turns of Salsa Dancing. No prior dance experience Required.

"No partner required."

"No prior dance experience Required"

In our beginner class, we will teach you the fundamentals of learning how to dance Salsa. We start with the basic steps which are crucial to learning. We will partner you up and guide you through the dancing; learning some moves and begins to feel more comfortable with your movements.

Enjoy the benefits of Dancing and meeting new fantastic people.

Purpose of The Course

The main purpose of this Salsa Course is to help you reach your goals to learn how to dance Salsa in the most easiest and fun way possible!

Whether you are just looking to have fun, dance with your other half, meet new people, feel comfortable on the dance floor……it’s the perfect program for you!

What would you learn

In our 6 weeks Salsa Course, you will learn essential lead & follow techniques and introduce to you beginner turns and combinations that will build a good foundation for you as a beginner, but also fun moves you can use on the dance floor right away! 

You will learn progressively with the same group of people in a longer class, all the social dancing skills necessary to feel comfortable on the dance floor!


Salsa Class Levels and Structure

Complete Beginners

From 0-6 lessons/9 hours experience

This Level is geared for students who are learning the basic step, rhythm, and timing. You get an introduction to Salsa steps and simple partner-work. It’s a lot of FUN!

Advanced Beginners

From 6-12 lessons

This Level is geared for students who have already learned the basic steps as an complete beginner student. This is a continuation from the beginners level. The focus is mainly on partner work and footwork.


Day: Monday 

Time: 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm

Where: MyArt Studios, CityHouse, Newmarket, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8



Classes Rates

  • Special Complete Beginners offer of 6 weeks course for €50

  • 6 Weeks Course: €68 for 6 weeks course

  • 6 Classes Card: €75 (use within 3 months)

  • Pay as you go: €15

All Classes are paid at the door