Lady style


Salsa Ladies Choreography


Want to become confident while dancing and express your feminine power?

Try our 8-week challenge with the option of performing!

“I don’t know what to do with my hands”

   “I don’t know how to move my hips”

  “I want to feel sexy while dancing”

Let us take your salsa skills to the next level!!!


Our ladies styling choreography classes are thought in one of Irelands leading dance studios, the course is broken down into 2 hour classes over 8 weeks. It is designed to improve your technique in both your shines and partner work while improving your musicality and building confidence.

It will be an original creation routine on a specific song chose by the instructor/choreographer, involving solo dancing for women, with specific arm lines, Salsa On1 footwork, learning showmanship skills, applying staging rules and specific techniques.

This, is open to advance beginners and Improvers levels.

Our classes are fun with good vibes with the added excitement of performing for a wide dance community.

Classes start on Saturday the 28th of September and performance is on Saturday the 23rd of November (Performance is optional).

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