Temple Bar

Salsa Classes Every Monday


Advance Beginners & Improvers/interm Level

Partner Work & Footwork on1

Time: 7.00 pm

90 minutes class, with 20 minutes of shines & body movement and 70 minutes concentrated on Leading and Following techniques.

Learn the essential leading and following techniques necessary to communicate on the dance floor. Leaders will learn how to execute figures with the appropriate signals, timing, momentum and adding spin techniques into your dancing. Followers will learn how to respond rapidly to these signals with the proper body resistance and speed. The goal of this class is to develop clear and effortless social dancing with a variety of dance partners and skills.

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Partner Work & Footwork on2

Time: 8.30 pm

90 minutes class, for those who wants to master the tools and techniques and to understand what it takes to be fluid on the dance floor. In this class, you will learn the concepts behind the turns, spins and shines and learn how to execute them efficiently by creating muscle memory and good habits, and not just by memorizing the patterns/sequence.

Please notice that if you are not ready for this level we will advise you to move to a previous level where you can strengthen your dance level. Being at a higher level than you should, will only create bad habits and will not allow you to grow properly as a dancer.

Where: Sycamore Building, Sycamore Street, D2

Time: Monday

7.00 pm to 8.30 pm | Advance Beginners & Improvers level

8.30 pm to 10.00 pm | Intermediate on2


Class Investment

Drop in Class       €15

5 Classes Card €65